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  • Hi, my name is OMG (Ole Miss Gnome)! I live in the neighbors back yard (Andy & Judy. And, we can't forget to mention their granddaughter, Shelby). I was abducted and went for a wild ride out west! width:720;;height:480
  • My new home for a week! width:720;;height:480
  • Help! width:720;;height:480
  • Here we go! width:720;;height:480
  • They did clean me up! width:540;;height:720
  • And, I got plenty of sleep! width:720;;height:480
  • The Harley girls loved me in Wichita, KS! width:720;;height:480
  • I went to places I never knew existed! width:720;;height:480
  • Some days were cold and rainy. But, that never stopped us from traveling! width:720;;height:480
  • They threatened to toss me through that hole! (Ever play football toss?) width:720;;height:480
  • But, the scenery was spectacular! width:720;;height:480
  • I tried to escape! width:720;;height:480
  • But, when I was caught, they threatened to drop me off this cliff! width:720;;height:480
  • We visited many states! width:720;;height:480
  • And, saw some neat attractions! width:720;;height:480
  • We also ate good! width:720;;height:480
  • I ate way too much! width:720;;height:480
  • After a week, I made it back to the neighborhood to meet some new friends! width:720;;height:480
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